About us

About us

The MistyDreamz Herstory. 
Ever wonder how an idea comes into being? 

More years ago than I care to admit (48), I was a very hyper kid. It was difficult to keep me settled down. One day, I was with my mother at a Ladies Auxillary (VFW) function, and was being my usual pesky self. A family friend took me aside, sat me down, and handed me a needle with some funky thread and a piece of fabric. She instructed me to “go up at A, down at B, up at C, and down at D.” After a couple of false starts, I did it. I made my first cross! And, my love of needlework was born.

 Fast forward about 34 years. I had a photograph I thought would make a great cross stitch picture. How was I going to make the pattern, though? Enter the conversion program! I asked for, and received, it for Christmas that year. I dove into it, teaching myself the ins and outs of it.

  One day, I was browsing eBay for supplies (stash, can you ever get enough?), and I saw a beautiful counted cross stitch pattern. It was of a familiar subject. The description said it was “computer-generated”. After doing some research, I realized it was made with the very same program I had been given!

  I thought shoot, I can do that, so I went out and found some appealing pictures, converted them, and listed them to sell. After learning a valuable lesson about copyright infringement, I went out and found some artists that were willing to take a chance, allowing a fledgling designer to use their work.

  Shortly, my partner and I decided that if we were going to do this right, I needed a website.  And a name. Being a girly girl, and interested mostly in fantasy, I wanted something ethereal.  And so, MistyDreamz was born. 


My wonderful husband Alan and me on our wedding day, December 5, 2016